I`ve got a song in my heart

Hi guys,

This week was pretty boring, I mainly studied ( its before the summer holidays again and all students know what this means ) and went to work. On thursday I went to another Simple Plan concert, it was pretty cool and the location  was so small, I actually never was at such a small concert venue.

As it was raining last weekend we had to be creative and went to the Highway bridge to take some photos, me wearing another Spell Dress. As you may have seen, one of my favorite brands and especially in summer a must have.

Kimono: Missguided
Boots: Dr.Martens




  1. Tolles Outfit. Der Kimono gefällt mir richtig gut.
    Wusste gar nicht, dass es so hübsches schlichte gibt ;)

    liebe Grüße

    1. Vielen Dank, doch die gibt's in allen Varianten=)

  2. Wahnsinnig tolle Fotos!! Gefallen mir echt gut!

    -->Janine // JB ♥ <--

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