What happened to the soul that you used to be?

Hi guys,

With spring my boho soul is back. I feel like a gypsy, restless searching for something new and inspiring, travelling wherever it takes me and being in love with the world.

Did you know that some of my ancestors where Gypsys somewhere in the east? It`s actually a really cute Lovestory, I don`t know the details and it must have been in the 18th or 19th century. She was a Gypsy, I think from somewhere near Hungary or Romania, and she fell in love with a noble man. It was against the social rules that they would marry, but he didn`t care and gave away his title to be with the women he loved, no matter where she came from or what her social status was.

This story show that no matter what other people think, do whatever you want to, fight for your happiness and your freedom. It`s always worth it.

Pants: Black Milk
Kimono: Missguided




  1. wow, was für eine tolle Figur du hast O.O richtig toll :)
    Die Hose mit dem Top würde ich wohl weniger anzeihen, aber eher weil ich einfach nicht der Typ dazu bin. Dir steht das OUtfit dennoch wirklich gut!

  2. wow, OUtfit dennoch wirklich figur du hast O.O richtig toll :)

  3. Sehr mutiges Outfit, hat aber irgendwie was :) Und die Geschichte finde ich einfach herzallerliebst <3
    Liebe Grüße,
    Missi von Himmelsblau


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