Travel: Berlin & Tropical Islands

Hi guys,

First destination on my trip last week was Berlin. But I actually only stayed in the city itself for lunch and then took the train to the Tropical Islands hall, where I met a bunch of girls who love BlackMilk as much as I do. For four days we stayed at the Mobile Homes, 10 minutes walking distance of the hall and spent our day in this surreal world. Sadly I don`t have any Pictures of that place, I just didn`t wanted to risk to bring my camera in there as it is like a enormous indoor Swimming pool. If you want to check it out -> here is the link or take a look on my Instagram account.

On monday we went back to Berlin, checked into a hostel ( my first time ) and walked to the Brandenburger Tor/ Memorials. I`ve only seen small parts of this city but I already really like it, I`m planning to go back next year and focus on the citys vibe as much as on the historical aspect. There is no other place with such a moving past, every corner tells its own story and the people there are so openminded, I wouldn`t mind staying there for a few weeks someday. In the evening we went to a Restaurant called "White Trash" and it was bloody amazing! The food was so good and the even had a Tattoo Shop  next to the bar, if you want to see something different on a night out make sure to visit this place. I already had to leave the next morning and had the worst day ever, but I will talk about it next Wednesday in another part of my Travel Diaries.




  1. Richtig tolle Fotos und Eindrücke aus Berlin. Ich liebe diese Stadt einfach :)

  2. schöne Eindrücke aus Berlin, ich war letzten Monat auch dort <3

    Alles Liebe,

  3. Sehr schöne Bilder...
    In Berlin war ich schon lange nicht mehr. Aber nächsten Monat fahren wir auch mal wieder zum Shoppen und Berliner Sehenswürdigkeiten hin.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, ich liebe den Vibe dieser Stadt <3

  4. Das sind richtig tolle Eindrücke aus Berlin :)

    Liebe Grüße, Anna

  5. Erstaunliche Bilder! Vielen Dank! Du weißt, ich warte auf meine Kreuzfahrt Ich habe Angst ein wenig. Aber ich denke, es wird eine unglaubliche Reise. Ich werde meine Fotos posten.


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