A picture with no frame

Hi guys,

Im on the road again. While Im writing this post on my way to Berlin, Im so exited to meet some fellow sharkies at Tropical Islands and to spent some time on my own afterwards in England. 

While waiting at the airport I watched all the people around me being busy, trying to catch their flight or looking for the right Gate. I prefer to fly early in the morning or late in the evening on weekdays, the chance that there are children and nervous tourists is much smaller. Everybody seems to be less stressed on that time of the day. Before boarding, people always stand in row for at least half an hour, rushing to be the first on the plane, just to wait again in the plane itself on the way to their seats. This morning I was the only one still sitting, I wasn't the last one that got into the plane and could easily walk in. Without standing in line, without being too late and completly relaxed.

Pants: BlackMilk
Crop Top: BlackMilk
Necklace: Free People
Shoes: Public Desire
Jacket: Zara




  1. Huhu.

    An sich sehr schönes Outfit, aber durch den Hintergrund etwas düster ...

    Liebe GRüße

  2. Super schöne Bilder und toller Look - finde den Hintergrund auch total passend und deine Beine sind übrigens der Hammer. :)


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