Food Wednesday: Pizza Bretzel

Hi guys,

Easter is coming and the streets will be full with people who want to escape winter, searching for a little bit of sun.

Who else is staying at home? A good video game, tv shows and comfort Food, maybe after a night out.

This recipe is heaven, so easy but if you love cheese and pizza dough you have to try this! Gooey cheese in the middle of a hot pizza bretzel...

You Need:
- Pizza dough
- Shredded Mozarella
- garlic powder or whatever you like
- optional: tomato puree / herbs

1. Roll the dough, cut in half and stretch it, you will get two bretzel out of it

2. Put cheese and herbs, seasoning or tomato puree on the dough, whatever you like but most important a lot of cheese

3. Roll the dough to two rolls

4. Form two bretzel, take the ends and bring them to the middle. Its much easier than it seems!

5. Cheese on top, because you know, there is never too much cheese

6. Bake it as long as the package of the pizza dough says, for me it was around 15 minutes at 190 Degrees Celcius.


Its heaven <3 p="">


Faye =*


  1. total coole idee, sieht sehr gut aus! :) Wenn ich was selbst mache, fallen mir irgendwie immer nur Backideen ein, aber sowas wie die brezel hier finde ich total lecker, nur komme einfach nicht drauf. muss ich mir unbedingt merken :)
    bei mir gibts übrigens grad ein rezept für schokoladen-ostereier, falls du vorbeischauen magst :)
    liebst, laura

    1. Ja genau, ich bin eben auch kein guter Koch aber so einfache spezielle Sachen mag ich sehr gerne =)

  2. Oh Gott, was ist das denn für eine coole Idee? Muss ich morgen gleich mal ausporbieren :D
    Liebst, Katja

  3. Uuuuhhh wie lecker! Tolle Idee :)
    Liebe Grüße, Mona von Belle Mélange


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