This ride is a wild one

Hi guys,
My heart beats for the Freaks. For the weirdos,with hard lifestories or handicaps. I never liked kids, my mom used to work at a day care and when I was younger I often visited her there and stayed for an afternoon once a week. There was one disabled boy with Trisomie 21 I could get along with, I hated all the other children but only this one boy found his way into my heart. When I look back, its like a red thread through my life. There may was a group of 10 people, all really cool and popular, but I always liked the only one who was different. Its the thing I like the most about my job as a nurse, especially in long term care, the thing that keeps me doing it for as long as I have to even if the job itself may isnt my absolute dream and a part of my journey to what I really want to do.
All these stories I heard during the last 5 years, from people no matter what age who survived wars, tragedy and death or manage to live there life with a disease, its incredibly inspiring. It shows me to never loose hope, that nothing is impossible and no matter how hard life is, there is always a way to happiness. It also helped me not to judge someone, to take everyone like they are and give them a chance. I believe that every single person I meet in my life can teach me something, that I can take something with me and learn from it. Especially for someone like me, who finds it really hard to take a different look at a situation or show my feelings, its so helpful and mind opening to hear other peoples desires, hopes and fears. How they manage a situation, how there life was in a time when they had to fight for every bit of happiness.
Life is worth living, walk around with your senses on and you will feel the magic of being inspired by all the amazing things this world has to offer. Places and people, they all tell their own story. We are supposed to be a better version of our parents, so lets take that chance and learn from experiences we may never will make but other ones had to.

Pants: Missguided
Trenchcoat*: C&A
Boots: Vagabond


  1. super schöne ätherische kombination. ich liebe die chiffon bluse und die high waist hose.


  2. Das Outfit steht dir einfach sehr gut. Die Farben gefallen mir sehr.
    Liebe Grüße Michelle von beautifulfairy


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