Food Wednesday: Cheesy Bread

Hi guys,

Ok seriously this is the best dish that was ever made in my kitchen. I love cheese, I could eat it 24/7 and this shit tastes a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Want to know how you can enjoy it too?
Read below!

You Need:
- Pizza dough
- shredded Mozarella
- Parsley
- Cheddar
- Butter
- Garlic

1. Roll the dough and put as much Mozarella on it as you like, some parsley and garlic powder on top
2. You know Calzone? Yes thats what we are doing now, flip the dough
3. Cut the half circle in stripes, the thinner they are the more people can eat but yeah, I enjoyed it on my own so
4. Mix melted butter with one crushed garlic and put all over the Calzone Thing
5. More cheeese. First Mozarella, then Cheddar
6. Bake it as long as the dough package says, for mine it was 13 minutes at 240 C
Enjoy and fly into cheese heaven <3 p="">



  1. hört sich lecker an :)

    1. Das ist es auch- unbedingt mal ausprobieren!

  2. Sieht sehr lecker aus. Hätte jetzt total Lust darauf :)
    Liebe Grüße


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