Take me higher

Hi guys,
Every year I tell you that I don`t like winter and the cold weather. Every year during the cold season I wish that I would be able to wear gypsy dresses with sandals and kimonos. I`ve been on a few Christmas markets during the last few weeks, felt like I would be freezed to death but refused to wear a warm jacket. Thought that mulled wine would Keep me warm and cozy. But hey, just an Illusion, so I recently got two extremly fluffy jackets/coats and I can`t wait to show them.
So once again this is a look without something that will keep me warm. I just tell myself that the midi skirt is already a change to my normal short skirts. For the Illusion.

Blouse*: DealSale Nr. CB034750
Skirt: BlackMilk
Trenchcoat*: C&A
Boots: Vagabond
Bag*: C&A
Faye =*


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