Midnight whisperings

Hi guys,

This shirt took over a month to arrive, not because the Company fucked it up but my local post office just forgot to put a notification in my Mailbox and so they sent it back to LA. I was able to stop it last minute and it finally was sent to me, two days later I found a package in my mailbox that was way to big to fit in it and I had to knock it out with a hammer. If someone saw me, it must have been hilarious. In the middle of the night, trying to get the package out with one arm and a hammer.

Yes postman, not everything is small enough to fit into a small Mailbox so just put a notifacation in there instead, but hey, you also forgot that the last time. Good luck next time.

Can`t finish this post without mentioning my outfit. Black is my comfort zone, leather jackets and boots will never leave my closet. Even if I love culottes, wide pants and my chelsea boots at the moment, my heart is still on the badass side.

Shirt: BlackMilk
Jacket: Zara
Shorts: Sheinside
Stockings*: WholeSaleBuying
Boots: Dr.Martens




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