Here`s to the rest of us

Hi guys,

I was born and raised in Switzerland. I never felt at home here. Whenever I hear people saying they are so pleased to be back home and see the mountains again, I feel like a stranger again. I`ve never felt like this, everytime I arrive I would like to go again. I have a loving Family here, enough money to live and have the luxury of having a car. I would exchange it immediately for the privilege of being who I am without being judged by strangers, to be free and to start a new life. Maybe its safe here, comfortable and normal. Its just not what makes me happy and I won`t stop until I arrive at my Destination.

Life is too short to do what other People say its right, we should live our dreams and fight for what makes us happy.

Coat*: C&A
Boots: Vagabond
Lipstick: LA Splash