Food Wednesday: Rimuss & Frizz

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago I got an Invitation to visit the wine factory Rahm but couldnt attend because of my collarbone. So I was more than happy that they sent me a package with two Special Drinks, even if the postman really fucked it up ( remember my last post? ;) ).

Rimuss Secco

In Switzerland as a child probably everyone loved Rimuss. On NYE, when the grown ups clinked glasses with champagne, the Little ones had Rimuss to do the same. It was a sweet, non alcoholic wine and now they invented a new one for adults. Its less sweet and should taste like Prosecco or Champagne, still without alcohol so perfect if someone has to drive or just won`t drink. I tried it with some friends and we all agreed that it really tasted like Prosecco and thats a great alternative for an Event where its served anyway. I don`t like Prosecco myself, but this one is much better than the real Version even if it was strange to drink a Rimuss that isn`t sweet at all.

Frizz Spumante Pesca

Some of us already knew this one from their teenage years, but this Version turned out to be much less sweet than what we had in our memories. When I saw the bottle I thought of a typical women drink, an alcoholic White wine with fruit flavor. It does have a strong alcohol taste, a little bit too much for me and not what I expected. The peach is in the Background, but its what rescues this drink for me even if I wouldn`t order it myself. Im just more a beer and Whiskey drinker ;)

If you need an alternative for your Party and someone has to drive, I would really recommend the Rimuss range. Pretty sure I will get myself another bottle just to make sure that I always have a wine without alcohol here if someone Comes with their car.
* Thanks to Coolbrandz for the package


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    1. Eine wirklich tolle Alternative zu alkoholhaltigen Getränken =)

  2. Gefällt mir sehr gut, eine tolle Idee. Der schlichte Stil gefällt mir ebenfalls. Ein guter Eintrag braucht nicht immer viel schnickschnack

    1. Danke =) Freut mich das es dir gefällt ;)


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