Food Wednesday: Nestle Fitness

Hi guys,

A while back I already got a package from Coolbrandz and tested the Nestle Fitness Cornflakes. After they got the Reviews, a new formula came out with 30 % less sugar and last week I got another package to test these too.

I got three different flavours: Fruits, Joghurt and Classic. As I told you before, I love to snack cereals and the Joghurt ones already where my favorites in the first run. Nothing changed, they are still really yummy. Actually they are all the same sort of flakes, just what is with them changes and because Im not a fan of dried fruits in my breakfast, this one was my least favortie. I ate them with Skyr and I really like that they aren`t soaked that fast, I dont like the taste of mushy flakes at all so this formula is perfect for me. Even if it says 30 % less sugar, I wouldn`t mind if there would be even less cause its still pretty sweet.

Whats your favorite and do you like Fitness Cornflakes in general?



Faye =*


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