Food Wednesday: Garlic & Onions Heaven

Hi guys,

Todays Food Wednesday isn`t colorful at all but so yummy I couldn`t resist to show you what I did with some leftover Pizza dough. Tomatosauce and Mozarella were already used, so I had to try something else.


- Pizza Dough
- Creme fraiche
- Onions
- Cheese
- Garlic
- Garlic oil

I did two different types of mini Pizzas:
Form two ( or as many as you like ) mini Pizzas out of the dough.
1. Cut the onions, put the creme fraiche, the cheese and the onions on top.
2. Use garlic oil instead of creme fraiche and top it with fresh garlic / cheese.
Bake it as long as the dough needs and done! 

Bon Appetit =)


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