Travel / Event : C&A Showroom Berlin

Hi guys,
I already posted it on Instagram and Snapchat: I`ve been to Berlin with my blogger partner in crime Selina for C&A`s SS16 Showroom. It was a last second desicion and I went from work to the airport in a time Im sure it wasn`t legal to catch the flight to Germanys capital city. I`ve never been there before, Im sure this wasn`t my last time there and I couldn`t help myself but to fall in love with this beautiful place.
Happily for me our flight was delayed and we arrived at our place to stay for the night, the beautiful Mani Hotel a little bit later then the rest of us. After we made us ready for the Event, the shuttles were already waiting for us and we went to the Cafe Moskau where the Event was located. After some talks we had the chance to explore the different Showrooms, all decorated in a moroccan Kind of style. Every room had it own theme: Lingerie, Swimwear, Women, Men, Clockhouse and Accessoires. I was pretty tired after such a long day and the light wasn`t that easy to capture so I don`t have photos of everything but I hope that you can get an insight of what will be available at C&A next spring.
For my taste, a few things where a little bit too colorful and Mainstream for my style, the fall/winter collection was more my taste but thats usual for me, I always were more of a person for darker collections. But otherwise I completly fell for some pieces like the blue bag ( oh my, I wanted to take it with me right away! ) or the Palazzo/Wide Leg Jeans. In my opinion its a great combination of Special pieces and wearable clothes for everyone. Best example: My mom loves to buy at C&A because she exactly knows what size she has to take and it fits perfectly.
After the tour we had dinner and as I love to try new Food I was quite fascinated by what was served. If you were out with me somewhere once you know that I plan my life for Food, Im always exited for my next meal.
After the Event we decided to go to the Brandenburger Tor, took a taxi and got a free city tour by our Driver. One of my best taxi rides ever! We found the Bundestag by accident and walked by the swiss embassy to the central Station, where we took another taxi to go back to the Hotel and felt in our beds pretty tired. The next day was primarily shopping, we visited the Alexander Platz and the television tower. Afterwards I had my first lunch at Vapiano and damn, can`t believe that I missed this all these years. Ok you see, I love to eat. Sadly we already had to leave in the evening and so we did a little shoot before we went back to the airport to catch our flight to Zurich. You will see the result on Friday!
Many thanks to C&A for having me, it was a blast and I would love to come back someday =)




  1. Ich stelle mir das total spannend vor, bei so einem Showroom mitzumachen :) Und Berlin ist ja sowieso immer einen Besuch wert!
    Liebe Grüße,
    Missi von Himmelsblau

    1. Das ist es auch, sehr interessant =) Oh und Berlin war wunderschön<3

  2. I attended a few company events here and I must say that I was impressed every time. The place was aesthetically pleasing with very good decorations and seats. The event venues Chicago had a great layout overall, and was at a comfortable temperature.


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