There is still rage inside

Hey guys,
This is a real honest Outfit. Overnight it got freaking cold and snowy. I don`t like snow. At all. And you have to read it all year again and again, I just can`t stand all the People being so happy about this weather. Maybe Im a grumpy cat but I prefer the warm, even hot weather over what going on right now, don`t feel comfortable at all. Fall is ok but I wouldn`t but if it just would go on with spring and skip winter. Why this Outfit is honest? Its what I wear to School and literally everwhere all the time recently. No jewellery needed and comfortable as fuck, even with my damaged collarbone. Oh and it got a Hood so I can hide if I want to escape winter. Or just sleep on the Couch.

Sweater: BlackMilk
Overknees: Free People
Boots: Dr,Martens
Faye =*