Beauty: NYC Haul

Hi guys,
No Food Wednesday this week! As I told you I broke my collarbone last week and had to go into surgery on monday to fix it. Thats also the reason why theres no Outfit post today, I just had too much pain on sunday to shoot anything.
So now Im at home and trying to entertain myself by watching TV Shows, draw or playing Video games. If you want to see what Im doing, follow me on Snapchat @badaloevera =)
I bought way too much on my New York trip and picked out the pieces I think are the most interesting ones. I did all the photos with my left Hand and Im sorry for the swatches, my arm isn`t dirty, thats the stain from the disinfectant they used in the Hospital and it just won`t disappear.
Urban Decay Naked Smoky
I own every Naked Palette and I love them to the moon. Yes they are expensive but for me totally worth it, UD never disappointet me with there Nakeds. For sure I had to get the newest one, Smoky. Its much darker than the previous ones, let`s have a Minute for that packaging, isn`t it gorgeous?! Its perfect to do smokey eyes but still not over the top, I first wasn`t sure if this really still is a Naked but yes, it is. Its possible to create nude looks but you can be much more creativ with this one. In one word: Perfect <3 p="">

Kat von D Tattoo Foundation Light
I do have a a Skin disorder and thats why I Need a high coverage foundation. After the Estee Lauder Maximum Cover isn`t avaible in my Color anymore I had to search for a new one and actually I didn`t find one that is 100 % what I want. This one is pretty near, but I still need to put Camouflage under it.
It promises Full Coverage, which for me it isn`t, but its much better then other ones I tried out before.
If its 24h wear or not, I don`t know because I hope I never have to be awake that Long. 
 But its definately not Transfer Resistant, as soon as I touch my face I have it on my Hands.
Everything else is true and all in one its a great foundation, if you Need high coverage you should definately try the Tattoo Foundation. The color fits me perfectly and they have many shades, another plus Point. If you know another one you can recommend with full coverage, please write me!

Kat von D Monarch
My first Palette from Kat von D, sadly the brand isn`t available in Switzerland. Fantastic packaging, I love the Colors and wanted to try something else than the Nakeds. Great Quality and high Pigmentation, what more could you wish for.

Hope you liked this extraordinary post!


  1. These products look amazing, especially the Naked palette...we're so jealous you got to go to NYC, they have the most incredible Sephora there :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. Oh yes, the Sephora was amazing! Bought way too much haha =D

  2. great products. i just read a lot reviews of the naked palette and it must be worth it :)

    love, laura

    1. They are! I got them all and wouldn`t be able to choose a favorite, they are all amazing.


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