The worse seems to me to be the right way to go

Hi guys ,
Already my last Outfit post from New York ! But I still have a Food and a travel post this week , there is so much I want to tell , I think they will be huge .
We had no real plan on our last day , I wanted to go to Williamsburg but the subway was closed that day so we just took another Train and jumped off in Brooklyn . After breakfast ( I told you , so much Food to come ) , we walked towards the east river and found ourselves next to the Manhattan Bridge . A Little walk brought us through Brooklyn Bridge Park to the ferry and even if we now had the Chance to check out Williamsburg , we stayed until the last stop near 32 street I think and then walked all the way up to 5th Ave where they held a Parade for latinos . We had our Troubles to head back to our Hotel because of all the People , but finally made it even if that ment that we had to leave and take a taxi to the airport .
I wore this the whole day and during my flight back home ( which I suffered a bad Jetlag from ,  nearly slept 15 hours the next day ) . Comfy as fuck , but still elegant and classy , if it gets messy it still fits and Looks like it had to be that way .

Trenchcoat * : C&A
Blouse * : Whole Sale Buying
Trousers : Missguided
Shoes : Vagabond
Sunglasses : RayBan
Necklace : Forever 21
Love ,


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