Lets take our chance to fight for our rights

Hey guys  ,
Angela from The 3rd Voice wrote an amazing article last week about victim blaming . And the comments are shocking . How many People really think that its the victims fault if they get raped or anything bad happens to them . My dad told me when I was in my teenage years that I should wear longer skirts , that I would look like a slut in my clothes and that I wouldn`t have to be surprised If I would get raped . I know he just said this Things because he was worried , maybe because its hard for parents to see their children growing up and starting to look like an adult , but mostly because he loves me . But why should the way women dress give permission to men to touch them ? Why shouldn`t they be able to wear whatever the fuck they want without getting rude sexual comments or even worse ? Its not the victim who is to blame , is the offender .
Things that cause rape :
Flirting ? No
The Outfit Im wearing ? No
Drinking too much ? No

Hat : Choies
Jacket * : Dresslink
Pants : Missguided
Shoes * : C&A


  1. OMG
    Ich LIEBE die Jacke!
    Etwas ähnliches habe ich auch im Schrank und finde sie schlicht wundervoll ...
    Passt zu allem und geht immer - und hat den tollen Nebeneffekt das man im Herbst nicht so schnell friert!


    1. Ich wollte schon so lange eine , als ich dann diese bekommen habe war ich natürlich total glücklich ! Oh ja , aber mittlerweile ist es dafür ja dann doch schon wider zu kalt =(

  2. Wow das ist echt richtig cool! Sehr mutiger Look und er steht dir einfach perfekt!
    Ich bin echt beeindruckt :) Und die Hose ist echt schön!

    Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Tag <3
    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

  3. You totally rock the look! and that is a serious issue to write up.... great sharing!

    1. Thanks ! Yes , we should take about that Topic more often and its crazy how often you hear something like " if you walk around like that you don`t Need to wonder if you get rap`without People thinking about what they are saying .


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