Food Wednesday : New York Food

Hi guys ,

This is officially my 200th post !  For sure it is about food and today I want to take you with me on my Little " what I ate in NYC , or at least a 1/10 of it " .

After our Arrival we decided to walk to Times Square , but we got distractet by all the Food Trucks and ended up with Popcorn and smoothies . Im sure you`ve seen photos of the M&Ms store before , but all this tubes where really impressive and looked so pretty ! We ended up with a big bag and I didn`t even had the Chance to try them because they ended up in my moms suitcase .

There are some things I had to try while being in the US , especially because These are my favorite dishes . Mac and cheese , an original american grilled cheese Sandwich ( this spot is located in chelsea market , you can`t miss it and everything tastes amazing ) , broccoli cheddar soup , veggie burger with sweet potato fries and not to Forget all the amazing breakfast dishes . Actually we went to really touristic spots , especially in the evenign , we were just to tired to search for me so we ended up at Planet Hollywood ,  TGIF and The Hardrock Cafe .

I heard so much about eggs benedict and because I never saw any until our last day in Brooklyn , I ordered them at a cute small Restaurant near the subway Station York . Not sure what I should think about them , maybe it was a Little bit too much . But I already do English Breakfast Muffins at home , and they we available everywhere - > heaven . The burger spot is located in Soho , just before it turns into Little Italy and it was the best burger I had in a Long time  .

Sorry if you`re hungry now =P


Faye =*


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