Mode Suisse Edition 8

 Hey ,
Last monday I had the pleasure to visit the Mode Suisse Edition 8 in Zurich . Such a stunning Fashion Show with some seriously gorgeous young swiss Designers . I took so many photos , so this is going to be a long post with thoughts , pictures and inspiration . I will show you my outfit this week , my stunning friend Selina went there with and we shot near the Events Location with nearly perfect light . But lets start and talk about Fashion :
All Pictures are taken by me
huber egloff
First show of the evening , I loved the wide trousers with blouses and how they played with the fabric . A really pretty and wearable collection .

Julian Ziegerli
The models walked down the runway with plants on their heads ! Such a cute idea , I don`t even know why Im that fascinated by this detail , maybe because it reminds me of the plant people on `The Sims` . All the Looks where made with so much love and my favorite was the suit that looked like there is shade painted on .

Lida Noba
Lace , 60`s Prints and Color blocking with solid Colors , what could I wish for more ? I would wear every Piece , each is prettier than the one before . The big bow with the lace blouse and the black Dress totally stole my heart , paired with soft waves and Long Bobs . One of my favorites of the night .


Head Genève

These bags are really cool , presented on a simple base made with White jackets and coats , paired with socks that reminded me of Support stockings . Kinda crazy , but thats what makes Fashion that beautiful - that its art .

Sandro Marzo
Oh , black and leather - You have me . A great male collection , I fell in love with the boots and how they styled them . The last blue / White coat reminded me so much of Assasins Creed and as a Video game fanatic I actually really like that pieces like this aren`t just worn on convention Events anymore , that they are actually everday usable . 

If I would have to choose a favorite , I think this would be the one . This prints as seen on the Dress or on the coat ( it actually had a Hood ! ) are absolutly breathtaking and I would love to get my Hands on one of these pieces . All the models wore black and White block heels but one wore this fantastic pair of nude creepers , couldn`t take my eyes of them and even if I did not got a good shot they have to mentioned . A Label to Keep in mind .


Maybe you regocnize the first model , its the winner from last years Germanys next Topmodel ( we took a selfie with her after the show but yeah , we found out why shes the model and not us haha ) . The grungy mesh and net garments were all worn with pink underwear , a lovely combination that fit my taste really well . You wear able to see much , but not too much and I would even consider to walk around in this look on everyday life .

 Adrian Reber

For me personally , this was the most boring collection of this day . Solid pieces but nothing really Special that would have made me want to see more , a Little bit too Mainstream and casual for my taste .

Another collection that was obviously inspired by the 60s / 70s , prints and midi skirts , solid two pieces and dungarees . The rose colored skirt would fit into my wardrobe so well , one of my favorite colores recently . A good end of an amazing evening =)

I hope you liked this Little sneak into the swiss Fashion Scene , I was actually suprised how many gorgeous Designers we have in our Country and what they create . Well done !
Faye =*


  1. Mir gefallen manche Looks wirklich recht gut, andere wiederum eher weniger. :-)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Das hat ne Modenschau so an sich und macht sich auch so interessant =D

  2. Der Rock auf dem letzten Bild sieht sehr schön aus, außerdem finde ich ja die Models zum Teil wirklich super hübsch und nicht wie die typischen Fashionweek Models :).. Liebe Grüße, Anja

    1. Oh ja , der ist wirklich schön =) Das stimmt , die GNTM Gewinnerin war ja z.B auch dabei ;)

  3. Ohhh wow wundervoll! Das scheint ja eine klasse SHow gewesen zu sein! Die Sachen gefallen mir sehr! Vor allem der Rucksack mit den runden Fransen hat es mir angetan! :)

    Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Tag <3
    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

    1. Der ist mega , würd ich auch sofort nehmen =D

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