How far is hate from love

Hi guys ,
Now fall is definately here . The temperatures are in an area where Im already freezing , the sky is gry more often and everyone is wearing boots or even coats again . I already drank my first hot chocolate , went to the Cinema and had to use a blanket while watching tv . A few years ago I made this rule that I won`t wear warm winter clothes before November because I don`t like winter and maybe just want to make myself believe that its far away . This year went by so fast , nearly a year ago I moved out of my parents home in my own flat , started to work at a new place and going to School again so I finally will be able to study in two years . Just two years , a year ago it seemed so far away but now I realised that in 12 months I Need to take a look where I want to go to University . So far away but still so very near .
Boho is my summer style , I don`t know why but with the first leaves falling down I always go back to my darker Passion for grunge , Latex and leather . My style gets heavier , black is the dominant Color and I start to live in my docs again . So maybe this is one of my last bohemian Looks this year , I don`t know , but it fits perfectly into the fall weather around here . Like a real goodybe see you next year look .

Dress * : Dressin
Necklace * : StyleMoi
Bag * : C&A
Hat : H&M
Boots : Dr.Martens


  1. Absolutely lovely as always, my dear.
    No one rocks tights as well as you do, and that "tunic" of a dress is so pretty.
    I want this outfit!
    Jayme, your ballet and fashion loving GUY fan from the USA

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Jayme =) I think there are many Girls ( or guys , doesnt matter ) who wears tights even better than I do , but they are such a Basic that you can wear them with everything ;) I think most of it is still available , so it shouldnt be a Problem to get it =)

    2. Thanks to you........I've been on line, and ordered the dress........... in my case Ill call it a tunic...... I love to wear my tunic and tights outfits across campus and elsewhere........ Were you coming to NYC?
      I hope that I didn't miss you.
      You're the prettiest.......
      Jayme, your fashion and ballet GUY(sissy) fan from the USA

    3. Im sure that it will look beautiful =) Do you have a blog or Lookbook where you Show your Outfits ? On the 7th of october , do you have any tipps what I have to see ?


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