Food Wednesday : White Dust

Hi guys,
So today I want to start something speical .From now on every wednesday I will post a food/drink related post , sometimes a yummy recipe or a Review of a great Restaurant . Whatever I feel like . Truth is , Im a really bad cook but I love to eat and this is the place where I Show all the things I enjoy so food was something that definately needed to come up . I want to Show you something new and easy , maybe get better at cooking by myself or let a vegan friend do a guest post ( stay tuned , shes a big Inspiration ! ) . Lets start =)
This new drink called " White Dust " was sent to me by Coolbrandz and I thought why not , I like to try new things .
I got two tastes , one is called "Relax" and the other "Push" ,  I think that speaks for itself . It Looks cute from the outside , but it reminds me of all this Red Bull doubles that were around the last Inw years . The Color of the drink self is a milky , watery White , it reminds me of a swiss drink called Pepita .
I tried "Relax" on an evening after work , It does not have a that strong taste but I like that , there is no sugar in it and thats perfect for me cause I just drink tea or fruit Juice with sparkling water normally . I can`t really describe the taste , I `ve never tried something like this before . On the next day in my midday break I tried "Push" because I always get tired during that time period . It really helped , I never felt like I shoul lay down or that I just want to sleep like I normally do . This tastes really similar , just a Little bit stronger .
I`m not sure what I should say about this as a resume , its nice for once in a while and definately a plus that it isnt too sweet . I think People who buy this package expect something else , but that does not mean that it isnt tasty , cause it is . If you`re not sure if you want a Softdrink or something healthy , this wouldnt be the worst desicion I think .

* by Coolbrandz


Faye =*


  1. Sieht auf jedenfall hübsch aus die Verpackung, zum kaufen habe ich es allerdings bisher nirgends entdeckt :)

    1. Ich auch noch nicht , mal sehen vllt kommts ja bald =)
      LG Faye

  2. Hmm, scheint ein leckeres Getränk zu sein - würde ich auch gerne mal testen. :-)
    Liebe grüße,


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