Food Wednesday : Nestle Gluten Free Cornflakes & Recipe

Hi guys ,
A few weeks ago I got a package from Nestle / Coolbrandz . They recently brought out a new sort of Cornflakes , made for People who are allergic to gluten or just don`t want to eat it . Im not gluten intolerant or something , but I was interested to try them and how different they are from normal ones .
Im a Special case if its about Cornflakes , I know it is recommended to eat them for breakfast , and I do that too , but for me it also is the best Snack if you`re watching TV and Need something to eat . I don`t like them with milk , most of the time I eat them just the way they are without anything else . These tastet really good , I couldn`t find a difference here compared to normal Cornflakes . The only thing I regocnised was that the are kinda sticky and will stay in your teeth if you don`t brush them after the meal .
Because I hate when Cornflakes aren`t crunchy anymore , I used rasperry Skyr ( an islandic strained yoghurt ) and just threw the flakes all over it -> Perfect !
How do you like your Cornflakes ?

Faye =*


  1. I totally agree - i don't see Cornflakes only as a breakfast. I love to have them as a snack.. though usually they make me become addicted, hehe :)

    Colin from

  2. Ohh wie lecker! Ich esse Kornflakes auch zu jeder Tageszeit :D
    Und im Joghurt sind sie auch super lecker!

    Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Tag <3
    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

    1. Ich auch =D Immer wenn ich mal kurz Hunger habe greif ich zu Cornflakes haha

  3. Ich muss unbedingt dieses Skyr probieren! Kannst du sagen, was der Unterschied zu normalem Joghurt genau ist? :D
    LG Nina von blondebeautybeasts

    1. Ich habs zufälligerweise im Lidl entdeckt , ich finds mega lecker und sättigend . Laut Wikipedia ist es ähnlich wie Quark , aber es schmeckt nicht ganz so süss , irgendwie fester .

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