You never could control me

Hey there ,
So even if Im not sporty at all , I really love this look . The mesh details on the Touchdown and the leggings match so well , wearing something so flattering and comfy makes me feel free . I always run and jump around like crazy when Im in that mood , its so comfy you could actually do whatever you want wearing that kind of a top . The dark lipstick and the leggings make this outfit a little bit more grungy , while the shirt and the shoes are definately on the sporty side . What do you think , is this something I should try more often ?

Touchdown : BlackMilk
Leggings : BlackMilk
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Also ich finde das Outfit steht dir auf jeden Fall! Das passt irgendwie zu deinem Typ..:)
    Liebe grüße!

    1. Echt ? Dankeschön = ) Und eigentlich ist das mal total aus meiner comfort Zone raus haha =D

  2. Those leggings are the absolute best my dear,,,,,,,, you look so lovely, and stylish, and as they say at blackmilk...badass unfortunately for me, they are now sold out and not available......
    I already had my credit card out to buy.....oh my!
    You are so pretty and always an inspiration..... so when are you coming to the USA?
    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving GUY (sissy) fan from the USA

    1. Thank you so much Jayme =) Yes sadly they are sold out but they always have some amazing stuff so Im sure you will find something else you love . On the 7th of october until the 11th , can`t wait to finally explore NYC !

      Wish you a nice day =)

  3. Tolles Outfit, der Stil steht die total :)


    1. Vielen lieben Dank , lustig da das eher so ein bisschen aus meiner Comfort Zone raus ist =D


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