Twisting the kaleidoscope

Hey =)
Time flies by so fast right now , can`t believe its friday again . Somehow I like that because it means that soon I will be in NYC , visit some great concerts and maybe even visit the ocean in winter . Otherwise I don`t want to get old , being in the so called " best years " and soon they will be over . It scares me to know how fast life goes by , I have so many plans what I want to do and I hope that These dreams can come true . Until then , I will fight to make them possible .
Normally I don`t do "real" Shopping , Im more the online Shopping type . But accidently I found myself in an H&M store and found this flawless Dress . I recently got some bronze colored accessoirs and I thought it would look really pretty with the Grey / lilac Dress . Really happy how it turned out , exactly like I hoped it would .

Dress : H&M
Jacket : Vero Moda
Boots : Dr.Martens
Backpack * : C&A
Bracelet * : Dressin
Necklace * : Dresslink

Faye =*


  1. Heftig zu der Kette habe ich das passende Armband :) & Dr. Martens sind sowieso immer die besten Schuhe!

    1. Oh toll =D Das stimmt ,die passen einfach zu allem und sind unzerstörbar .


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