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Hi guys ,
Yey , summer is coming back and we will have another week with hot temperatues , sunshine all day long and light clothes . As much as I love fall fashion , dark lipstick and grunge in perfection , there is still nothing better than the warm season . Septemeber will be really challenging , I have to work all the time and school won`t let me rest too . So Im sorry If I my won`t be that active during that period .
This fabric is so soft ! I could touch it all the time , its fake suede I think and the color is so lovely . Im not a real girly girl , but I do have a a fable for everything in this dirty / old rosé color . Imagine a car in this tone , wouldn`t it be beautiful ? I`ve seen a 1968 Ford Mustang in the exact same color and one day , I really want to own one of these . All together , this outfit looks like a flashback to the 90`s , high ponytail , high neck crop top and Dr.Martens . Maybe thats the great thing about fashion , you can choose every morning who you want to be and play dress up just the way it feels good for yourself .

Top : Missguided
Trousers : Zara
Boots : Dr.Martens
Backpack * : C&A


  1. Habe leider nicht die Besten Englischkentnisse, daher nur die Hälfte verstanden :( du siehst wunderschön aus und dein Outfit genauso !! :) LG

  2. Hübsches Oberteil und irgendwie passt es perfekt zu deinem Teint – das macht es unheimlich spannend!
    Lieben Gruß, Lisa

    1. Vielen Dank =) Wie ist den mein Teint ? Danke der Pigmentstörung hab ich ja zwei Hautfarben =D
      LG Faye


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