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Hi guys ,
So today is Switzerlands national Holiday and I will visit my parents for a barbecue . Can`t wait to cuddle my cat again , Im such a cat person . Seriously , this is the only thing I miss since I moved out , everything else is much better here but I hate not being able to have a pet around me .
Isnt this two piece gorgeous ? I already showed an Outfit including the top , but I think like this its perfect . Such a lovely print and I think they definately need to do more two pieces like this . Oh and you can actually see how Brown I still am , even if its now two weeks ago since I came back from France.

Top : BlackMilk
Skirt : BlackMilk
Shoes : Public Desire
Necklace : H&M


  1. Ein supersüße Kombi :) Mit gefällt der Look gut ! Außerdem hast du eine tolle Figur ! :) LG

    1. Dankeschön , ich bin auch total in den Print verliebt =)

  2. Steht dir sehr gut aber fuer mich persoenlich waere das bauchfrei nichts. Happy National Swiss Day xxx

    Caz | Style Lingua

    1. Danke , das two piece gibts auch als Kleid =)


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