Go on and hit it

Hi guys ,
I just found that out that I have another week of Holidays this year and decided that I definately Need to got on another trip . Alone . I dont know why but this year I really started to enjoy the great sides of travelling alone , do whatever I want , first sneaks of how it is to be free and meet inspiring People all around the world . Right now I dont want to do anything else , I just work to be able to travel without being responsible for someone else . I finally know what it really means , Wanderlust .
This Top is again part of a two Piece , sadly the skirt is too baggy on me but the top is still really pretty . Perfect to fit into one of my all time favorite Outfits I can wear when I dont have time to choose my clothes carefully . And who doesnt Need such key pieces ?

Top * : Dressin
Skirt * : C&A
Backpack * : C&A
Necklace : H&M
Hat : C&A
Shoes : Unif


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