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Hi ,
So this is my last post before I`m on my way to France . As you may know I will take part of a surfcamp near Bordeaux and try to work on my sporty site . Sadly until now I dont have one haha  . I may come back tired to death and with some hurting muscles but , I hope , happy . If you have any questions about my trip , just write a comment and I will answer as soon as Im back . I`ll try to time at least one or two Posts so that the blog won`t look completly empty .
Now let`s talk about These Pictures , Im so in love with how they turned out ! We went to a river and the water was so low that we could easily walk through it to the other side . As you know Spell is one of my favorite brands and this Dress is fantastic . Beautiful fabric , seen trough but not too much and so comfortable . Perfect to wear it over a Bikini at the sea , lake or river .
Photos by Selina K.

Hat : H&M
Bag * : C&A
Sunglasses : RayBan
Sandals : Graceland


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  2. Ich finde die Fotos superschön, vor allem das Zweite gefällt mir richtig gut :)
    Hat die Dame ein Tattoo auf dem Oberschenkel oder ist das so ein Transferding? ^^
    Liebe Grüße,
    Missi von Himmelsblau


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