Festival Review : Rock im Park 2015

Hi guys,
Im back home after an amazing and really hot Weekend at Rock im Park. The Festival took place in Nürnberg , Germany and the area is well known for its history during the second world war . As always , I will just give you some random facts and let you enjoy the Pictures , they are all taken with my phone .
- It was freaking hot and I spent more than 3 hours in first row without something to drink , definately not recommend that
- There were some pretty crazy People and thats what I love about Festivals , you can just do and wear what you want without being judged
- The sound was great , even if you werent in the front . It was possible to just sit on the ground with a beer and listen to the music
- There was one point were you were able to get water for free and there were 75 000 People . Just not enough and the water you could buy sold out multiple times
- Marilyn Manson was awesome live  , even if they showed boobs most of the time haha
- Too many People wanted to crowdsurf during ADTR and because I was in the front it was pretty hard to enjoy my favorite band even if it was an amazing concert
- Saturday night a Blizzard took place and they evacuated some Areas , but until the Information was with us it was already over and we just stayed at our place and drank beer





  1. Die Stimmung scheint ja wirklich super gewesen zu sein :)
    Tolle Bilder!

    Lieber Grüße

  2. Sieht echt nach Spaß aus :)
    Hoffe du hattest eine coole Zeit dort!




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