I've learned a lot in love and loss

Hi guys,
I spontaneously chose to visit a local Festival just a few minutes from where I live , so I may won`t be online that much this Weekend . But hey, thats perfectly fine , we all need some offline time . I kinda like the idea that I can just go home wherever I want and sleep at home , I`ve never been on a Festival before where I lived near enough that I did not needed to go Camping . But to be honest ,thats part of the spirit and I`m already looking forward to next years Festival season .
A reason why I love Fashion is that you can choose your role everyday , one the day the cute smart Girl and another day badass all over . So on todays Outfit I`m the nerd who loves to go to School . I
really like the cut of the Dress , it covers my high neck , the back is a Little bit lower than the front so Im always secure . Yes I need glasses and normally I wear contact lenses , I just feel more comfortable with them .

Dress : BlackMilk
Jacket * : C&A
Glasses : RayBan
Boots : Vagabond


  1. Das Kleid steht dir wirklich super gut, hätte ich mir wahrscheinlich auch gekauft :)

    Liebe Grüße :)

    1. Es ist wirklich toll und so vielseitig =)


  2. You are so very pretty! I love those glasses on you. WOW....what a lovely dress, the colors, the cut, the style...it's so perfect on you....as are the black tights as usual ( I think you like tights almost as much as I do)
    The boots are so lovely as well.
    I would so emulate you if we were friends...you'd be constantly telling me to stop copying you.....

    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving GUY fan in the USA

    1. Thank you so much Jayme =) You definately Need to check out Black Milk , I`ve seen some guys rocking there clothes and Im sure you would love it too .
      Tights are just perfect when its too cold to go bare legs but so much more comfortable than trousers .
      Haha , no , I like to be an Inspiration .
      Your from NYC , right ? I will be there this fall , do you have any tips where I have to go ?


    2. You are so right! In fact, I just bought the galaxy shorties......... BlackMIlk is so cool.
      I'm definitely getting some leggings too. Love the beatlejuice.....
      You're the best doll.
      In NYC in the fall.......we must meet..... I'll take you shopping.......
      OH my......

  3. you look absolutely gorgeous! love your snazzy tartan-themed outfit!


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