I fancy you with passion

Hi guys ,
Yes , no exams for two months ! In four weeks I will be in France for a surftrip and Im so excited to see the ocean again , as a child my parents travelled a lot with me but they were more the "rent a car and drive around" type . So I never really was all day long in the water , but I think I will love it .
This is a classic Festival Outfit . Some denim shorts , a crop top , boots and a fringed leather jacket , ready to go . Pretty simple but still not to boring , best Thing about this look ? Its not expensive at all and without the boots/sunglasses no piece coasts more than 15 Francs .

Shorts * : Style Moi
Jacket * : Style Moi
Crop Top * : Dresslink
Backpack * : C&A
Boots : Dr.Martens
Sunglasses : RayBan


  1. Love how you dress Faye

    Jayme, your ballet loving and fashion loving GUY fan from the USA...still rocking my rompers and shorts with tights.....

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