Cause it's a bitter world and I'd rather dream

Hi ,
How was your week ?  I `m still sick , I really I hope that it will get better during the next few days . Only thing good about being to powerless to leave the house is that I can do all the nerdy things I love so much . Oh and how great is this right now , while the E 3 is on .  I would love to go there one day ! At the Moment I`m trying to finish all Assasins Creed games , but actually Im stuck with number three . But hey , maybe I will move forward while Im ill . By the way , did anyone of you watched the Game of Thrones finale ? So intense . Now we have to wait another year , but me list of series I want to watch is longer than my clothes wishlist , and that does mean something . I definately won`t be bored , actually I never am , good side of being a single child .
BlackMilk also is kinda like of a nerd brand , they have collections for TV series , Disney and Comics , not to mention all there other amazing stuff . When I got this Dress , first Thing I thought was to pair it with some chunky heels for a night out . But why not try something else and Dress it down with These badass Sneakers ?

Dress : Black Milk
Shoes : UNIF
Faye =*


  1. Ich bin schon so gespannt wie es bei Game of Thrones weiter geht, schade das es ein ganzes Jahr noch hin ist :) Gute Besserung!
    Liebe Grüße, Mona

    1. Ja ich auch =) Und mittlerweile kann man sich ja auch nicht mehr mit den Büchern spoilern ;)


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