Travel / Event : C&A Showroom Paris

Good evening everyone,
Im back from Paris ! As I told you before , I went there with C&A for there Showroom and Presentation of the A/W 15 Collection . I had a lovely time there and thanks to C&A for having me .
I arrived on monday and after I went shopping we drove to the rooftop bar " Le Perchoir" . Sadly it rained so we werent able to go on top during the first part of the evening but later it stopped and we were able to enjoy the amazing view over Paris .
Later , we went back to the hotel for dinner and had some great talks with tasty food .
My phone charger broke so I couldnt take any photos during the actual event with my phone , so I used my camera and you can see the pictures down below . First , we had the chance to check out the beautiful location . I really like what they talked about , stay tuned for whats to come . C&A wants to be a brand where everyone feels comfortable to buy at , where the sizes fit like they should and the pieces are made to last . That was actually a point I always have trouble with , the clothes are often a bit to wide for me and a S fits on me like a M , so Im exited to see what happens in that section . I normally prefer the Clockhouse section because Im always looking for special pieces that look great with nearly anything and the normal Womens section is often a little bit to simple for my taste . We had the chance to take a look on the A/W 15 Collection and oh boy , its awesome ! You see that rose colored fluffy coat on the photos ? Pure perfection . The got some Grunge / Gypsy themed collections to come , totally my thing and I like how the got out of the comfort zone .
The event was organised with so much love and you could totally feel how they stand behind their brand , that they love what they do . Thats really important I think.
What I always have to consider on Events is the kind of food they serve , everything is in a mini size and sadly there werent many things for vegetarians .
I went to the city after the event and enjoyed the beautiful weather , I even saw the Eiffel tower . Sadly the catacombs were closed on monday and I had no time to visit them on tuesday , so I definately have to go back .
Again , thanks to C&A for the Invitation , I had a great time and met some really inspiring people .




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    1. Vielen Dank =) Genau dieser hat mir Auch unheimlich gut gefallen und dazu ist sie noch so weich wie ein Kuscheltier =D



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