No need for all this psychology

Hi guys,
I hate days like this where you have so much to do and would love to do everything the way you can do best but its just way to much . In the end , you just did what you could but somethings werent finished or you couldnt put the energy in it you wanted to . I learned that its best to have some " highlight points " in your life , just like holidays or a concert . Something you can`t wait for it to happen and on days like this , thats what keeps me going .
Another all Black Milk outfit . I just love this brand so much and the new weekly drop is a great system , even if it doesnt work that well with my personal buying Schedule but most of the time my items are still available when I have the money . The top is part of a two piece and I will show you an outfit wearing it together soon . Such a fantastic print with all the detailed little flowers ! I got the pants second hand and just tried it , I never thought that I would love them so much . Its literally the most comfortable pair of pants / leggins I own and it feels like a second skin on my body .
Good luck to all of you during your exams !

Crop Top : BlackMilk
Pants : BlackMilk
Necklace : H&M
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane
Faye =*


  1. i know these days very well... just had one today :-(!!

    your outfit looks awesome, very nice :-D your bodyshape is sooo beautful!! very jealous right now ;-)

    call me cozy

    1. Its the best to just stay focused on what you really want =)

      Thanks <3 Oh no Need to be jealous , every bodyshape is beautiful!


  2. Sehr sehr cooles Outfit :)!


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