Kick down the door

Hi guys,
I just realised that I barely show outfits with pants , may because the last few months I mostly wore skirts or shorts with tights and just chose jeans for work . When I started this process to express myself with my style , this leather pants were the first piece that brought me out of the "normal" comfort zone . Oh I loved them and I just regocnized that they started to fall apart , but I would never throw them away . They are kinda like a symbol for how great life can be If you just do what you love and be yourself no matter what other ones say .
Same story with the shirt , there was a time when I just wore t-shirts and jeans because I did not knew what else I could choose or just were ashamed that other ones would look at me even more like am a freak . It reminded me of that time , so I never wore shirts like this again but why should we be scared of our past ? We grow with time and we should be proud of what we achived . Im a freak and Im proud of it , I wear what I want , do what I want and don`t give a fuck what people think about me . And Im happy .


Shirt* : Weebit
Jacket : Zara
Pants : Tally Weijl
Backpack : Primark
Boots : Dr.Martens
Faye =*


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