I wanna kill me a giant men

This weekend we went to a wildpark . They have animals that live in that area naturally like deers or linxes , I put some pictures of them in that post . It felt like fall and Im really looking forward the next weeks as it should get much warmer . Actually it can`t really be too hot for me , I have more problems with the cold weather and I hate freezing . Im really busy right now and I try my best to publish two posts a week  , after my exams I will be more active again . Two weeks left until I can finally relax and enjoy summer fully  .
I had to layer this outfit with a leather jacket , first I just wore the trenchcoat but it just wasn`t warm enough . I love that shooter and tried to style that sporty piece more grungy , paired with docs and jackets . Its even long enough for me that it looks like a dress , even if I wear shorts under it just for security . Zombraham really got the attention he deserved , so happy that I Grabbed this piece just before it was gone forever.
PS :  Check out the song below , its fantastic !


Shooter : BlackMilk
Trenchcoat : Sheinside
Jacket* : C&A
Backpack : Primark
Boots : Dr.Martens


  1. Total schönes Outfit!
    Mir gefällt der Layer Look der beiden Jacken richtig gut <3

    Liebe Grüße



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