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Happy sunday ,
Today was my last time without work or school for more than a week and actually right now Im just sitting on the sofa . If I dont have a whole day to do what I want , the best way to relax is watching my favorite tv shows . Many told me that sport would be the right thing to free your mind but for me this is just even more depressing , Im just not the sporty type . I love to visit museums , but thats something I won`t do on a sundays because there are so many familys with kids I couldn`t enjoy it as much as I would like to .
For me , playsuits are perfect . I love dresses and how flattering they are but I always forget to sit nice ( mans underpants are the best advice if you dont want to think about how you should act but still want to cover everything ) . I dont have this problem with playsuits and they are so easy to style , don`t forget that they are freaking comfy . Paired with boots and a leather jacket nearly all styles fit my style , Im sure this one from Dresslink won`t be the last one in my collection .

Playsuit* : Dresslink
Jacket : Zara
Backpack* : C&A
Hat : Urban Outfitters
Necklace : Primark
Sunglasses : RayBan
Boots : Dr.Martens


  1. Hammer Look!
    Gefällt mir richtig, richtig gut. Würde ich 1:1 so tragen. :)
    Der Playsuit ist wirklich hübsch. ♥♥

    Dir einen schönen Start in die Woche!
    von SellysSecrets

  2. Richtig cooler Look! Ich liebe die Schuhe einfach!
    Ich würdes auch 1:1 so tragen! Einfach Hammer! :)
    Liebst Chichi :)

    1. Docs gehen einfach immer ,ich trage meine zu so zimlich allem =D Die beste Investition ever !


  3. Love this romper so much on you that I bought it myself...and have worn it already...... with sheer black tights and the same boots you wear..........
    You are such a great inspiration to me...... I wish you were here with me....BFF

    Jayme, your ballet and fashion loving GUY fan from the USA

    1. So cute , Im glad that I can inspire you =)

      Stay true to yourself and never stop doing what you love ;)



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