Who were you trying to be

Hi guys,
Time flies by so fast! Already the end of april , I love that it gets warmer but everything is happening in such a rush I just want to put life on slow motion like you can do it with YouTube Videos . I stand for enjoying life and do what you want with all your heart but sometimes things are said so much easier than they are done . But Im always for the more difficult way , if it leads to a place where dreams are going to be real . Most of all people live their lifes , have children and a job , may travel sometimes and like their everyday life . People like this are needed , otherwise society wouldnt work . Its just not the way I want to live my life , I want to be free , see and do as much as I can without being bound to something . I can`t do this right now like I want it to , and maybe I also should do it more often and not just waiting for the moment I finally can . Lifes a journey and you should learn from every moment , in the end its all about knowing who we are , what we want and being happy. I once got asked what I regret and my answer was nothing . Without what I did I wouldn`t be who I am now , maybe it wasn`t the right thing but if I havent done mistakes I would never have learned who I want to be .  

Cape : Black Milk
Dress : Primark
Backpack : C&A *
Boots : Dr.Martens


  1. Super schönes Outfit Outfit :) Am Liebsten mag ich die Schuhe! Panic! At the DIsco finde ich übrigens richtig toll! :)
    Liebst Chichi :)


    1. Vielen lieben Dank =)
      Sie sind super , und Auch live richtig klasse =D



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