It's just the present that needs some glue

Hey ,
 Just one month until my first festival this year . Sitting aorund , enjoy the music with some beer and awesome food . This is always my favorite time of the year , we are all pretty addictet to the whole online world and its really relaxing being offline for four days . Not to care about anything and just do what I want , like a little perfect dreamworld . To be the free and not to care at all what people think about me , just the music and my mind . You see , I really cant wait =D
 I ordered this sweater in february when it was still freezing cold , it arrived last week and now its nearly too warm to wear it. But last sunday it was around 15 Celcius Degrees and worn like this it was a really comfy outfit . Already preparing for the festival vibe , even if I wont wear flower crowns on a festival . Its just not comfortable enough and I dont want to worry if its still ok , I prefer some simple outfit combinations that are still me but practical . Oh and how cute is that little fox on the sweater ?

Sweater * : Weebit
Flower Crown : Etsy
Backpack * : C&A
Shorts : Sheinside
Necklace : Regalrose
Boots : Dr.Martens


  1. Du bist wirklich unglaublich schön <3
    Die Figur hätte ich auch gerne ....

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Oh danke!
      Jeder Mensch ist schön wenn er sich in seiner eigenen Haut wohl fühlt =)

      Liebe Grüsse


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