Travel : Amsterdam Alternative Travel Guide

Hello everybody,
As you may know , I spent my last week in Holland and I wanted to tell you about all my Impressions . I will do this with random Facts and I hope you like it. If you have any questions , feel free to ask my in the comments .
- If you have heard that there are many bycicles in the City , there are everywhere . And If you dont have one , your lost because cars and bycicles dont take care of People Walking by foot .
- I always thought that Vespas are quite cute but now Im deeply in love with them . Crazy for someone like me , nobody wears a helmet while driving them .
- The famous Floating flower market isnt as shining as its shown everywhere , its just a market where you can buy seeds and plants .
- If you want to go to the Anne Frank House , buy the tickets online . We didnt and the row was at least 1 km Long . So we went to the jewish Museum and I think this is a great alternative .
- Always take the way that may seems a Little bit longer but because the Center is so touristic and you can hardly enjoy the Beauty of the arciteture , its so worth it to walk by the water and dont take the main street .
- There are so many Little cafes , we did not eat breakfast at the Hotel so we were looking for nice spots and I have eaten the most amazing dishes . If you have the Chance to go their , try Coffee & Coconuts near the Museum quarter .
- The Torture Museum is pretty bad , its poorly built and If you do have some knowledge about the case its really disappointing .
- Never Forget your map , its so easy to get lost because every Corner does look exactly the same .


I hope you liked it and enjoyed the photos =)


  1. Lovely pictures!
    I have never been to Amsterdam and I should definitely change that. I'll probably spend a few days only by visiting museums :D

    1. Thank you so much! Its definately Worth a journey , just dont be disappointed by the number of tourists. But if you try to walk on side Streets you can enjoy all about this beautiful city <3 There are literally muséums for everything ! For cats, bags, weed ,tulips , cheese , all the things you can imagine.


  2. Thank you so much =) Im glad you like my photos.



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