Never gonna take us , never gonna break us

Hi =)
Such a busy week. I had lot of work to do and before the spring Holidays are all the exams, I hate it to have such rare freetime. But I was so happy that the first part of my BlackMilk Press Play order arrived, I cant wait to Show it here on Feathers and Goldbears. For my taste , its really colorful but thats just perfect because I definately Need more Color in my wardrobe.
I saw this Kind of striped Shirts everywhere but never found one that I thought would look great on me. This is a crop top but Long enough to be worn with nearly anything, I really do like it. For me, this look is like the Basic grunge Outfit and thats what it makes it one of my favorites.

Crop Top: C&A
Jacket: C&A
Skirt: C&A*
Backpack: C&A *
Lipstick: MAC Hang up
Boots: Dr.Martens


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