You don`t wanna mess with me

Hello =)
As you may noticed ,I turned 20 last Weekend. All my friends are older than me, but for me its still pretty strange. When I was younger ,I thought youre really old and lifes over when youre over 20 but hey, happily I realized at least until 30 nobody is old haha .I want this decade to be fucking brilliant and so it will be ,no matter what will come.
This Outfit is really casual. We went for breakfast with my parents the morning after my birthday and I just wanted something comfortable. My voice is still gone and I have to whisper all the time, yey. You may noticed that I wore this Cardigan in my Random Facts Post but its just so perfect ,I wanted to wear it in an Outfit Post as well.

Cardigan: C&A*
Jeans: UNIF
Bodysuit: Vintage
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Primark
Boots: Dr.Martens