You can’t please everyone so you gotta please yourself

Hey there =)
Woah its freezing cold here! Around minus 10 degrees , I would love to move to a warmer place immediately haha. Thats the Moment your happy you can park your car in a Garage , I hate nothing more than seeing my frozen car in the morning. I was ill the first part of the week , but Im really happy to have my voice back, I Sound pretty nasty when Im sick .
This is one of my School Outfits, for me tights and overknees are so much warmer than Pants. I found this Sweater a few weeks ago and had the idea to wear it like this for something People would call "wearable" . Should I Show you more simple Outfits like this?
And yes ,it was cold but I dont walk around with a jacket most of the day and I wanted to Show you how the Outfit Looks like so theres no other way than to take my coat off.

Sweater: C&A*
Backpack: C&A *
Scarf: H&M
Skirt: C&A*
Overknees: Free People
Boots: Dr. Martens


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