Cause I won’t give up without a fight

I dont want winter anymore! Snow is everywhere and it wont fade while all the australian brands do have their summer collections online. I seriously Need to move to a warmer place as soon as possible haha. My week was pretty boring , I went riding ,to School and to work. Nothing spectacular so far. Some horse Shootings are planned for summer, so stay tuned !
For this Outfit I just threw all my favorite pieces together and Im so happy how it turned out. The Black Milk Bodysuit is fantastic, cant wait until another one like this is released .So comfy and one of a kind . I just realised that I do not wear this shoes as often as I should. They are freaking comfortable and look fantastic, maybe I just Need to wear them with everything .

Bodysuit: Black Milk
Shoes: UNIF
Backpack: C&A*
Skirt: C&A*


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