I dont belong here / Random Facts

Hey there,
We tried to do some Indoor Photos but yeah , I ended up jumping on the Couch and making stupid faces so I just have a few Pictures for you today haha =D I thought this is the perfect occasion for some random facts to Show you a Little bit more about the girl behind this blog.
1. Im a nerd. Seriously, I love playing Video games since Im two years old , read a lot If I have the time and could watch tv Shows all day Long. Oh, and dont Forget the nerdy glasses. Im able to do all these things every day , non stop and while eating junkfood with hot chocolate or beer.
2. I dont like people, but I love collecting stories from an interesting person and to hear whats behind the human sitting in front of me.
3. I like to smile at People while they look at me like Im an Alien because of how I Dress myself. The Moment when they realise I noticed them - so funny haha =D
4. I cant sit on a chair with my feets on the ground, they Need to be somewhere next to my Body. Thats the best Thing about growing up , no teacher telling you how to sit on your chair^^
5. Im a vegetarian since Im 6 years old. I heard a story about People eating animals and told my mom I dont want to eat my friends. I tried it once since then, but I just cant eat it anymore and thats perfectly fine =)
Cardigan: C&A *
Overknees: Urban Outfitters
I hope you liked this , just write in the comments if you would like more Posts like this. Oh and if you have any questions, please also write them below I answer them in another post =)


  1. This is pretty amazing, I have the respect for everyone who can live without meat. I've just tried it once when I was sixteen I think and at lunch I ate meat and I didn't realized it. So it's impossible for me but I admire everyone who is vegetarian. ;)

    1. Thanks=) I just dont remember eating meat anymore because I didnt for over 14 years. I would also like to be vegan, but Im just too lazy to do it and Im a very bad cook, so vegetarian is perfect for me. But I think everyone Needs to know for themselves whats right for their Lifestyle =)

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