Before the moments gone

Good morning guys,
Welcome in 2015! New Year, new adventures to come. As I promised, I again will Show you what I have planned to do this year. Its always interesting to see what I really was able to do and what may Needs a Little bit more time.
First, I want to go at least to two Festivals and visit as many concerts as I can. I did not had the Chance to travel as much as I wanted in 2014, so this year I want to go to France for Surfing, visit NYC and one other place, Im not really sure right now. Id would also be great to go to a Formula 1 race because I didnt made it last year. Most important, I want to continue to enjoy every Moment .
My NYE Outfit was pretty classy, I wore the famous Motel Rocks Gabby Dress with a Long black coat and a pair of pumps. I already wore this Dress last year, but because we were outside nobody saw it. I think its the perfect Dress for this Occasion and Im totally in love with it.

Dress: Motelrocks
Coat: H&M
Bag: Choies
Scully Platform Pumps: Jeffrey Campbell via NastyGal


  1. Das ist echt das perfekte Kleid für Silvester! Tolles Outfit, gefällt mir sehr gut. :) Du hast übrigens nen sehr guten Musikgeschmack, das musste ich auch mal gesagt haben!
    Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Freut mich das es dir gefällt =D Oh , dann du wohl auch =D

  2. Du schaust einfach fabelhaft aus!
    Lg Melli

  3. I love that dress!

  4. uhhh, das kleid ist toll. du strahlst richtig :)
    ich hatte an silvester auch ein grünes paillettenkleid von motel an, allerdings schulterfrei und mit so einem muster..
    liebste grüße,

    1. Das freut mich=D Ich glaube ich weiss welches du meinst, das ist auch echt toll. Villeicht hol ich mir für nächstes Jahr das Schulterfreie in rot =)



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