Because now, cupid carries a gun

Hey guys!
What a crazy week. Last Weekend we went to the concert and I forgot my camera at home, so I had no Chance to do any Outfit photos. But it was amzing . First, I was a Little disappointed because it looked like the only People there were 0815 Hipsters who did not really knew the Music and just came because the band was cool. We spent the concert in a place where we werent able to see anything but heard everything and danced like there was no tomorrow. I felt so happy that there were other ones like us , who just loved the Music and wanted to have a good time. I will Show you what I wore later this week.
I caught a cold last friday and was scared that we wouldnt be able to shoot some Outfits this Weekend too , but happily I felt better today and there is much to come this week. First ,this witchy Outfit with two pieces from one of my all time favorite brands. Isnt the skirt breathtaking? I called my dad at 11pm because it was restocked at 12 and because its an australian brand , I knew that it would be sold out in less than half an hour. Without asking why, he put out his ninja skills and purchased it for me. Thanks dad <3 . Cant wait to wear it with a crop top in summer, but I think it also Looks pretty great in the snow.
Btw, you know the tv Show Salem? I loved the title song and finally the whole song is available ,

Skirt : Black Milk
Bodysuit: Black Milk
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: DIY
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Dr.Martens


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