Nothing here to see

Good evening guys,
Wooho, so this is my 100. Post on Feathers and Goldbears! Lets celebrate that with an all black Outfit because the weather here is still just... grey. No rain, no snow ,no sun. I wore this Shirt in one of my first real Outfit Posts more than a year ago and I`ll never forget the man at the bus Station London who was so happy to see me wearing a Pink Floyd Shirt haha=D
In the future, I will try to write more about some Beauty stuff, Festivals and travels. Big plans for 2015 already.
The Leggings are from the last Missguided X Nicole Collection. I saw them on a few other Blogs and felt in love with it, right now its perfect with muscle tees and a thick jacket for layering.

Shirt: Romwe
Coat: Primark
Choker: Vintage
Lipstick: MAC Diva
Shoes: Dr.Martens
Faye =*


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