Let me tell you a story

Hi ,
How was your Weekend ? I had a School and worked on sunday, so no free time. But if you work on a Weekend ,theres an other day you dont have to and I really like Shopping on a normal day. Less People everywhere and I can do it like I want. Spent 3 hours in a book shop last friday, sometimes Im such a nerd haha. Soon its the first of december, Advent calendar time ! Finally , I cant wait. What do you think about a post including the Pony Hütchen calendar ? I wouldnt post it before the 24. of december ,but I cant wait to open and use the Things ( everything is vegan and handmade in Zurich ), so I thought if you would like it as much as I do =)
 I love the combination, its really typical for me and I always wanted a Jeans with holes. This one is perfection! Its getting could around her and its foggy all the time, so may this are the last fall Pictures, even if I really hope they arent.

Shirt: Disturbia
Jacket:Vero Moda
Necklace: H&M
Backpack: Primark
Jeans: UNIF
Shoes: Coltrane by Jeffrey Campbell


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